Food & Safety Measures

Your health and well-being are a priority to us, so we're going above and beyond CDC recommended guidelines. All the layers of recyclable packaging you receive have been de-contaminated through a rigorous process from beginning to end:

  • Each packet of ingredients is fully cooked in our sous vide process which inactivates coronavirus.
  • Our kitchen surfaces and tools are sterilized with commercial-grade sanitizer and a special UVC light treatment before prep
  • All team members wash their hands, wear gloves, masks, and hairnets which are frequently switched out

Sous vide cooks food to perfection while killing bacteria and viruses

Sous vide cooking is a fine-dining method we've been using in-house for years. Ingredients are vacuum sealed and marinated in our special blend of spices and herbs, then cooked low and slow in a temp controlled water bath. The result, uhh-mazing tender, juicy meats, and flavor-filled ingredients! When we realized this cooking method sterilizes food and packaging against bacteria and viruses, we are now sous vide cooking everything, even the outer packaging and trays that are delivered to you!

Safe Contactless Delivery

Delivery is expedited only by our in-house staff so we can maintain strict food & safety handling. Our delivery containers and vehicles are sterilized through a special UVC light treatment. Your meals are delivered inside a sealed and sterilized bag which has been transported inside a sealed and sterilized container. All our delivery drivers wear gloves and masks at all times which are changed out frequently.

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